I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend the day after my period. He pulled out, and from what I've read it was the least fertile point in my cycle. Literally two days afterwards, I started feeling sick, having headaches, feeling really tired and my lower stomach was swollen and hurting. After a few weeks most of the symptoms went away other than the swollen stomach. I waited anxiously expecting to miss my period or have a much lighter one, but Last Saturday I came on, and I've had a pretty regular period, lasting about the same time as normal, and no lighter or heavier than it usually is. All of the pregnancy symptoms have gone away other than the tiredness and the swollen stomach. I've been researching it a lot, and most sites say that it would be too early for me to have experienced morning sickness or to have a swollen stomach, but other women have said that it's not... I'm really worried as I am under age, and I have no way of getting to the doctors to make an appointment or anything. Any help would be much appreciated x