Ok so here's my story. I'm 26 and my boyfriend and I had sex twice just over 3 weeks ago (23 Feb 13). Both times were unprotected (before anyone says anything; we're both clean, I know for a fact). Anyway, I took the MAP (Postinor-1) approximately 14 or 15 hours later (24 Feb 13). My period was due a day later but ended up coming 4 days later (1 Mar 13) and started off much lighter than usual (light pinkish blood and spotting) and then continued heavily for a week. I always have my period for a week. I wrote the spotting off as side effects of the MAP but now out of nowhere I just got this strange feeling that I may be pregnant but I don't see how since I had what I thought was my period. I've had slight cramping in my abdomen and my back and bloating like no tomorrow. For almost a week now I've had acid reflux and it's much worse at night when I'm trying to sleep. I've never had acid reflux before and when I burp, I taste vomit. I've been getting headaches on and off, leg cramps at night, I've had slight nausea, I'm constipated, appetite has increased (but only slightly) and I've noticed a lot of creamy white discharge when I wipe. The only thing I don't have is sore breasts and my period is due on the 28th of March so I'm not even late but I can't seem to shake this feeling that I might be pregnant. I've been pregnant once before and I don't remember having any of these symptoms apart from the missed period and sore breasts. Does it sound like I could be pregnant or is it just in my head? It's really confusing me.