I am 25 years old and I have always had normal periods. But this month, from the starting of February I have traces of blood like very little in urine whenever i used bathroom i noticed little light blood clots. And this month my period was also late and did not come out properly. Usually it stays 5-6 days but this time I spotted blood or i would say blood clots from the first day of this month. The blood or my period properly came out on 11th February so i thought it is ok. But it only stayed for two days and then stopped and again blood clots when i use bathroom. And, Today is 18th February and today after I used the bathroom there was traces of blood. I noticed some blood with little clots, blood is not dark in color. It is light now. Haven’t been having any stomach pains anymore, but yeah sometimes i feel a very minor stomach pain. So i'm also concerned because this has never happened before!  I really do not know what is happening, I did not sleep with anyone yet so I can’t be pregnant for sure or injured. I'm a virgin. Please help I don’t know whether to be worried or not :( I've never experienced this before. Sorry for the poor grammer hope someone understands what I am talking about and please help me and advice me something?