I started the birth control pill Alesse February 18th of this year. I'm on a 28 day pack. So this past Sunday, very early in the morning, I got my period. Its not a painful cycle this time, and most of the time my periods hurt. But since Sunday to Thursday (yesterday) my period was light/regular, with no cramping... Then today around noon, my period got really heavy! My period has never been this heavy, And I've been having my periods since I was 13 (7 years). And with this extremely heavy period are clots. I've had them before and they were only an inch long. Not very big and nothing to be too worried about... But THESE clots are huge. I've had to go to the bathroom to change just about every hour, and every hour was accompanied by a huge clot. They're about the size of an egg. It's been about 12 hours since the heavy bleeding started, and the size of the clots seem to be a little smaller now, but not much. although my period right now is very heavy, I have no pain, no cramps.
So I'm wondering why all of a sudden I have a heavy period, when my periods ( before taking the pill) only lasted 6 days? Today is the sixth day of my period and I see no signs of it slowing down soon. So is this happening because my body is trying to adjust to the pills? or something else?