Ok, to start off, my period is irregular, I get it 35 to 40 days after my last period. I had sex on March 14, he used a condom and he pulled out before he ejaculated, about an hour later we did again but without a condom this time, he did not ejaculate though. According to me, I should of gotten my period the 24th of this month but I haven't, i got my last period on February 18th. Every time I'm about to get my period I get really bad cramps, my boobs are really sore, I also get a lot of pimples. This time all of these symptoms showed up (except for the cramps) since the 22nd and went away by the 24th but my period never came! Also, Sunday as I was driving home I felt kind of dizzy and nausea, so I rushed home. I spent the rest of the day laying on bed because if I would stand up I would feel dizzy and nauseous. By the next day it was gone. I have also been going to the restroom a lot, but i don't pee a lot. Also, my stomach has been growling a lot lately, even if im not hungry. Today i woke up with sore breast, i don't know if its because i might get my period or because i might be pregnant?