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Please help me with this. I am 18 now and have had my period since I was 14. However, it occasionally missed a month here and there (which never really bothered me) but this year I haven't had it since June. I am not sexually active so I know that can't be the problem... I really need some advice on this. Does anyone else have this problem?


If you are for sure not pregnant, or really even if you might be, you should see your doctor. This could mean some of your hormones are off or you have a lot of stress (this messes us a lot of women's cycle) There may not be anything wrong but if you want to get regular and just make sure you know when it is coming, your doctor can help you figure out how to have that occur.

But really don't worry, both of my roommates had this. One went ten months another five and neither of them were sexually active at that time. Both are more regular now using birth control pills.