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So my expected period is due in 5 days. But for the past two days I have been feeling pergnant. Symptoms such as constant lower back pain on just the right side, very bad nausea for two days so far that happens on and off (it wakes me up first thing), head aches before i fall asleep, feeling really hot in my face and neck on and off, some pain and burning in the abdomen, and no fever

This month was my first pack of birth control pills. I wasn't too great on taking them, ill admit... i ended up being unprotected several times in the first week (sunday start), i missed a pill in the second week and was unprotected the day of that missed pill but then took it the next day, and i decided not to take my last four active pills of this cycle pack because ive been too sick to take them. And on the fifth pill (of the last week in the pack) i was unprotected again but took the pill that night just to be ok. Unless one pill is not enough?

Will not taking the last four pills affect when my period is due? Coming sooner or later?

And I did take the first response early result test. If i had continued the pills my expected period would be on may 31st. i used first response on the 25th and today on the 26th and both came out negative :/ Tomorrow I am going back for another test. i believe i tested too early. And i still had these symptoms continue pretty badly the last two days even with knowing the results so it isnt wishful or a nervous feeling. And i have nothing to be stressed about if i was pregnant id be prepared financially, emotionally and in a long term also 23. i just do not know what else it could be? any ideas?  

and go to the doctor but i have been with out health insurance so i am trying to save having to go unless i see a positive...

thanks in advanced :)


one pill is fine.maybe its the pills are causing the problem