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i started bleeding after 3 days of conception. having miserable pain in my lower back and stomach
is there still a chance of pregnancy ?


I think you're saying that you showed bleeding three days after having unprotected sex.

If you mean "conception" that would definately mean that you're pregnant, but possibly experiencing a complication.

If you're suggesting that you had three days of intercourse, and then started bleeding, or experienced a normal period, then the odds of your being pregnant are very slim. However, any time you have unprotected sex, you run the risk of pregancy and transmission of an STI or STD.

Perhaps a woman can comment on the pain in the lower back and stomach.

I think you might be wise to go see a medical clinic.


Yes I meant that I had unprotected sex on the 14th and the 15th and on the 18th I got my periods .
Is there still a chance of being pregnant ?
And when should the test be taken for an accurate result .
And if its positive then can gynaecosid be taken for abortion ?


I'm thinking that if you experienced your period, that any fertilized egg has been expelled along with the menstral flow.

Had the egg been fertilized, it would have been near your date of ovulation, and you were well past that THIS TIME.

Anytime you're messing with unprotected sex, you are running a risk of pregnancy and more. It's one of the factors you accept when you engage in this type of adult behavior.

As for when to test for pregnancy or when a particular medicine could be taken, I yield to a more experienced Moderator to comment.
(I'm going to back out, cause I'm not sure.)


Just a reconfirmation that after having unprotected sex if I get my periods that means
That there aren't any chances of pregnancy because I had read a few articles on the internet
And I guess on this website itself which stated that there are cases in which you have your periods
And find out after having them that u are pregnant.
But in my case I am not sure if my boyfriend ejaculated inside but its obvious that pre-cum
Must have entered.
But now that I have gotten my periods do I still need to worry about being pregnant ?


Just as the articles you read indicate.... there is always a chance.... but I think the point of those articles is when conception happened around ovulation, and there was still a surge of hormones that caused the period.

I think what you're describing is very different timing, but I'll let another woman comment.