Hi all.

I am hoping someone can give me some guidance. I was on Cilest contraceptive pill for about 5 years and my last period on the pill was in June 2010. I subsequently have had 3 periods, on the dot each month for July to September. My cycle is around 33 days, which is what is was before I went on the pill so not shocked about that.

However my period was due this month and the around 28 days I had severe cramping (worse than other months) and felt so bad. This continued for a week then it stopped but I have had no period.

I did take a pregnacy test 2 days after I should have had my period but it was negative. My boyfriend and I use condoms and I haven't had any symptons of feeling pregnant.

I am just confused that I had periods then they stopped!. I thought it was normal to not have periods when you come off the pil, not the other way round!. We want to try and conceive next month, which I thought was good because that way I would have had 5 periods since stopping the pill but now I am not sure what is happening with my body! and I am gutted that I haven't had a period.

Anyone experience this? or advice please?

Thank you, a grateful lady. xx