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For the last 11 weeks there hasn't been a day where I haven't had a runny nose. It's not as bad as when I actually have a cold, and I don't seem to have any other symptoms of the common cold (no cough or sneezing). It just bothers me. Around the same time when I started noticing this problem, I got an infection in my right eye. Doctor said I have viral conjunctivitis and suggested that I let it take its course. It got really bad but by the end of the third week my eye was getting better. My other eye doesn't seem like it caught the infection although its slightly red most of the time. My eyes still get a little watery sometimes. I have been using lubricating eye drops daily since I got the infection and still use them to help with the irritation.


I was wondering if these two problems are connected since symptoms started around the same time. I'd really like to get this resolved. So I'd appreciate any help, or suggestions anyone might have.


25 yo male.


Try a doctor mybe he can help(i didn't read your question, I just want to fill my 3 bounse psts, sorry)