I was pruning a "Canary Island Date Palm" and was speared by a few spikes that the leaves have on their ends. Later pains
made it difficult to walk but they abated and the next day I had another go trying to be more careful. This time a spike entered my foot and apparently broke off. A few days later the foot blew up and the hospital gave me anti biotics but did not try to remove the spike. It was over 2 weeks later once the infection had gone down that the spike was removed by a surgeon.

A month before this happened I had had a full blood test with no problems showing

After the spike incident I started to have slightly bleeding gums and slight bleeding from the nose along with bruising mainly on my arms. As I was taking a small dose of aspirin daily I was told to stop and things improved and I went to see my heart specialist who had originally prescribed the aspirin.

A blood test showed I had a platelet count of 4 (currently recovering after treatment and now 89).

Could the date palm have caused this fall in the platelet count and is there any informaion that might help my haematologist in the treatment she is giving me