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I am experiencing very itchy hands both the palm and the top of the hands and even between my fingers.
what is it and how can I stop the itching
Marguerite Boucher
Essex Junction VT


I had red itchy spots on the palms of my hands. They got bigger with time but, still itched like crazy! The doctor guessed at what it was. It seemed that nothing helped. After several weeks I was walking in my garage and I had to take a 'mis-step'. That was a step I don't make often. It was on a part of my foot I don't use too often. Anyway...I felt a small pain in my foot and then my hands started itching again! I took off my sock and I got a magnifying glass and a very, very sharp knife. I knew I had a "steel splinter" in my foot and it was broke off under the skin. So I took my sharp knife ( or razor ) and I scraped it across the bottom of my foot over and over until the splinter came out. It came out and I picked it up with a magnet. Approx. 3 days later my hands ( and feet) finally cleared up!. Now, my hands and feet are normal again! I went almost two months with a steel splinter in my foot and didn't even know it. So....CHECK YOUR FEET AND HANDS FOR SPLINTERS!!! Justin Huffman. Bluff City, TN.