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i noticed a small pink lump to the side of my anus 3 days ago which has  gotten bigger and last night the pain was unbearable, it was also having some effect with me going to the toilet which i mean i wasnt sure if i needed to go, i have woken up this morning to fell next to no pain but blood in my boxers and the lump has gone smaller i am very worried is this cancer or a hemeroid?


it is a hemorrhoid and you usually get them from straining too often when going to the bathroom. Best way to care for it is before going to the bathroom prepare a damp not wet washcloth with soap, a dry washcloth and preparation h cream. after going to the bathroom wipe as well as possible then clean yourself with the damp cloth, pat dry with the dry cloth and put some cream on some toilet parer and apply to your anus. you can purchase cooling gels for hemorrhoids that help the pain and itching as well but it is important to keep it clean and medicated. if it gets unbearable see a dr to discuss treatments.