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Dear members,

First of all, I want to thank everyone for taking to time to help other members with his/her questions.

I would like feedback with my question. My apologizes if the language sounds silly or explicit. But I need feedback.

This morning. I had an upset stomach. So I went to the restroom and put a lot of pressure on my stomach and anus. I wanted to let out as much waste from my body as possible.

I felt fine until several hours later, I felt a lump on my anus (where the crack is) and I just ignored it until I got home from work and noticed that something is sticking out of my anus. It does not hurt. There is no blood. But it did surprise me and had me worried. I tried to put my finger on it and push it back in but it will come back out.

The lump (or whatever it is) is barely sticking out. But I would like for it to go back inside.

Will this go away after a few days? I have no problem walking. But I can feel it.

I have been eating only fruits and drinking water ever since. I am afraid to go to the bathroom.

Thank you.


You are most likely facing a stage 3 prolapse internal hemorrhoid that is exacerbating to stage 4. It's considered serious at this level, and it is unlikely to disappear on its own. You should also see the doctor to get it examined properly.