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not long ago i just have a soft lump on my anus and it is kinda painful and it is blister-like..its on the 'hole' ... wat should i do ? just to drink more water will solve it?


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Drinking more water will help your overall health but I am not sure it would help the soft lump.

Your soft lump could be a hemorrhoid as it may feel as a soft tissue. I have to say you are very lucky for not experiencing any additional “hemorrhoidal” symptoms. Soft lumps felt on the anal opening are external hemorrhoids.

Considering you don’t have any unpleasant symptoms (at least you didn’t mention them), you may just leave the hemorrhoid to heal on its own. In order to help, you should always wash your bottom and the anal area after having bowel movements. Do it with warm water or by gently cleaning the anal area with moist towelettes.

Make sure you don’t strain during bowel movements. If you suffer from constipation, you should add more fibers into your diet (through vegetables and fruits) and yes, drink more water to keep your stool soft. You may also try taking some fiber supplements to ease your bowel movements.

You should never sit on the toilet for more than necessary (like to read a paper). Just go in, sit down, do what you have to do and leave. Don’t forget to wash before leaving. 

If you develop additional problems, you may want to consult a doctor.