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I see a lot of posts on here about irregular periods and high testosterone and hair growth and abdominal pain and weight gain. Ask your doctor to test you for polycystic ovarian syndrome. I have it and I have had it my whole life. I am only 23, but if I had've found out sooner, I would'nt have had so much trouble conceiving. There are medications that can help. If you have PCOS, ask your doctor about metformin. That is the pills I take. They are helping me to lose the weight this syndrome caused me to gain. They are helping me curb my appetite, and they will help me conceive my next child.

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I have pcos and two beautiful children. I found out the way to become pregnant for me, was to "shock" my ovaries. I took b/c then about 8-9 days intot he pack I threw them away. Low and behold about 10 days later i was pregnant. This happened with both kids. I did try clomid, but it didnt work for me. My kids are spaced 13 years apart. My first dr said stopping the b/c that way would not cause me to get pg again but my dr with this pregnancy said that is exactly how i got pg. I was taking metformin, but only 250 mg a day. I am having one ovary and one tube removed tomorrow by a specialist who deal with this and has for over 30 years. I was told the pcos symptoms should completely disappear. He is pretty sure i have endometreosis and maybe one other thing, wont know till he is in. Dont give up on having babies. There are always ways around it. Good luck to all.