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Femara and Metformin  with PCOS have  success story

am 22 years od and have pcos and i try clomid  on 150 mg I did ovulation on it

but did not get pregnant so I ask my dr is there anything  I can take

he give me Femara and Metformin and provra

provra: i have to take this b/c i dont have preriod

Metformin: when I strat my preriod I have to take this

Femara: on day 5-9 ihave to take this

have anyone have success  on  the med


I have just read this msg.I'm too PCOS.I'd been taking clomid for 3 months but I didn't ovulate. I've taken femara 7,5mf for 3 months, i did ovulate but i failed to get pregnant. I'm very depressed, my RE recommended me to do the Hsg.did any one experience that?pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase help