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I took a pregnancy test Wednesday night, it came out positive with a faint line. After an hour i started bleeding like normal periods, its been four days now so i wanted to know if it was an early miscarriage or what. #Worried


Hello, ladies. Bleeding during pregnancy is not always a sign of pregnancy. This can be a few things, not always bad signs. Some types of bleeding are even normal during pregnancy. Because the child grows in size and moves simultaneously. Consequently, it can destroy several arteries in the abdominal part of the mother. It was, obviously, nervous cracking, but before swallowing the score to ten and breathing. Then call your husband and follow your doctor. Everything is not as bad as it seems. as well as chest pain, severe urination, excessive thirst and hunger, incomprehensible mood swings, a feeling of nausea is part of a healthy package for pregnant women, so this is an occasional bleeding and, in some cases. As we all know, every woman perceives the situation differently than others, so she is always a new experience for doctors. Doctors should work on the status calculated with respect to the average woman. But if there is a serious danger, then you need to be under the supervision of a doctor. Good luck to you.