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Recently I was admitted to the hospital for my svt more than 200 pulse..and chest pain ..anyways that's not new because I've had svt for more than two years and they been telling me to get an ablation but I have been hesitant because im just 20 years old.. anyways I finally said yes to the ablation and the Ep doctor said okay and that she was gonna try to schedule me to have it done asap but she need it all these blood and pregnancy test included so they Did one and it came out a bit positive at least that's what my cardiologist told me but here's the weird part ..I am being super open and honest when I say I have never ever had any type of sexual activity with anyone at all..I am a virgin. but not the first time a pregnancy test has been positive ..this is the second time and im confused and frustated because I've never had any type of sexual activity and doctors kept askingg me if I was sure that I wasn't pregnant and I was completely honest and I know my body and what I've done and I guaranteed them I was NOT pregnant.. so the ablation was postponed until they get the results of 24hr urine test . but im wondering what can be causing this? by the way I just had my period recently as well.


It would appear you have elevated HCG levels for some reasons - that is the only way to get a positive on a pregnancy test that I'm aware of, maybe an endocrinologist would be helpful to you?  Those doctors deal with hormones and such.  Other than that sweetie, you got me baffled as well unless you are the virgin Mary reborn again?!  Sounds frustrating.  Wish I could be of more help to you than I have been.