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I had a positive pregnancy test but now I am bleeding and really cramping,test now says negative,should I go to my GP-would this be necessary?the cramps are slightly more than my normal period pains,also could the positive pregnancy test hav been wrong and this could be a late period?please advise as if it is a early miscarriage would I need to see my GP?Many thanks :-(


Every woman is different so the same symptoms at one can mean something else at other but your symptoms resemble early miscarriage. My sister was trying to conceive for years and she had two miscarriages. Cramps, light bleeding and back and abdominal pain are usually first signs. It would be wise to consult your doctor and to check what is happening.

Were you trying to conceive and if you did for how long? Is there any other reason which could cause miscarriage for example if you have been doing some hard work and lifting too heavy objects?

After you check with your doctor hopefully you will find out that everything is just fine and I wish you luck with that. If it isn’t too much to ask could you share with us what have happened in the end because this information could help some other woman. Thank you in advance.