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I have been having alot of trouble with my health lately. I have had loads fo blood tests for thiroid etc and lots of scans and camera into the bladder.
All the tests come back normal, but he symtoms have knocked me off my feet. I have had bladder spasms, tremours, twitches, fatigue, food allergies , uretheritis discomfort in my stomach and alot of white spots on my fingers and i have lost a stone in weight. All the docters seem to be able to help me with is antidepresents. I have been taking some magnesium and calcium tablets as i have heard that people with fibromyalgia seem to lack this, is there anything else i can do?

Thanks Lisa %-)


Do you mean white spots on the front of the nail, or on the backs of the fingers? There would be two differen't meanings then. I've suffered with Chronic Pain Syndrome since I was about 11 and have felt exactly the same. I've had so many needles and things poked into various places the whole phlebotomy department doesn't even have to ask my address!

The one reason the doctor will give you anti-depressants is a form of help, both mentally and physically. A LOT of people, particularly people born earlier will have had parents that perhaps dislike anti-depressants because at one point almost everyone and their dog was taking them, it was like the prescribing of morphine or cocaine in earlier years. People then feel they are 'weak' and feel ashamed to admit they are either depressed or are taking anti-depressants. Thankfully, science has proven it IS a chemical imbalance in the brain and not 'worry' so you do need to take them if you are prescribed them until you feel better because your brain is no longer producing, or not enough, Serotonin (most usually, it could be Melatonin, but its much rarer these days).

Some, such as Citalopram or Amitryptyline (more so on the second) help physical pain and sleeping (the two main actual uses for the Ami, it is rarely prescribed as an anti-depressant anymore and is what I take mine for). I've taken several anti-depressants over the years and eventually your body will most likely restart itself and you can be taken off the tablets, but please, take them they are necessary.

He probably thinks you're worrying, and I've been there myself, not knowing what the hell is happening to my body and feeling so despondant that the doctors feel like they don't care, but fibro/chronic pain is a hard thing to diagnose since in reality there are conditions lumped into the category that in theory don't have much to do with 'pain' and IMO there are people with fibro or chronic pain that also have a variety of other diseases or conditions, but associate it all together, which makes diagnosis much more difficult because the symptoms are so varied. Think about how many diseases someone with what appears to be a cold or fever could have (a cold, flu, bubonic plague, the start of Eloba... Some major differences in the actual conditions, but they all start with 'cold like symptoms'). People with blood clots start by having a high temperature or a fever, or they could just have... the flu. If you aren't getting much from your doctor DO seek a second opinion though. A lot of us who suffer from chronic pain tend to be Internet savvy and know medications or medical knowledge that doctors dislike (I was training to BE a doctor before I had it) so they think we're after their nice shiny opiate medication, or we're all hypochondriacs, but this is not the case. Don't feel bad about going round every doctor in the whole surgery, its YOUR body and YOUR life, not theirs, they don't have to put up with it and you shouldn't feel ashamed about getting the answers you want or the treatment you deserve. You pay for THEM, so they have a duty of care to you. Be honest and open too, because they can't feel your pain or your mental anguish. I had seen about 30 people before someone was reading a medical journal (ages before Fibromyalgia/CPS was even known by most doctors) before I went in and it seemed to fit, so then I got the treatment for the condition and it worked! It just needs that lucky break, so stay strong.

Most fibro/chronic pain manifests as acute pain in various parts of the body that is improved by painkillers and heat, and will sometimes get worse if massaged or touched, or you use a TENS machine on them (tried it once, felt like it was trying to kill me!) Take a nice warm bath and see if you feel better; or try turning the temperature up in the room to what might seem to others as a bit too warm. If you start to feel better, then it is more likely you have a physical pain syndrome than you're just worried.

Note, that studies have shown that taking say codeine pain killers (what most doctors prescribe for fibro) and Citalopram or some other anti-depressants will actually STOP the painkiller working, so you could be taking the meds and feel worse, but because you go back and say "got anything stronger?" they feel you're doctor shopping and just wanting to get high. Other studies have proven that people with long-term pain are pretty damn immune to painkillers and often don't show signs of physical or mental dependance when the medication is changed. Some people just don't produce enough natural painkiller, it could just be as simple as that.

I hope you feel better knowing that there are people who have felt exactly the same and have come through it, and I wish you luck in finding a doctor that will listen and treat you fairly, not as anything else.


Ask your Doctor about Cymbalta and Lyrica.. These are two medications used to help with fibromyalga.. Plus it will also help with mood swings and severe pain..These are not narcotics meds..However if you have chronic pain u might have to take both to help with break through pain because it takes about 2 weeks to fully feel the benefits..
I take Cymbalta and hydromorphone together to help my pain and with this combination I now have no pain at all..