I know people can't diagnose over the internet and that tests are the best thing but I'm pretty confused... My last period was January 8th-12th, not really as heavy as usually but pretty much like normal (I get my AF every 30 days.. with occasional late times). about 2 weeks after that I started vomiting, and getting really bad nausea (nausea is bad during the mornings, worse after i eat, and certain smells just make me vomit), cramping in my abdomen, tender to the touch nipples (pretty much hurts to even wear a bra or shirt sometimes, my husband says that my areolae look darker and bigger) I have low back pain, I feel bloated and constipated, still no AF, husband also thinks I've been having mood swings, I feel very fatigued, have headaches. I took a test last week and there was a VERY faint vertical line (one of those | | tests). I don't want to think of this as a positive test only to find out I am not pregnant. I'm also wondering if walk-in-clinics possibly do pregnancy blood tests if anyone knows... or do they even do any type of pregnancy test. I would like to go since I don't have insurance but my husband is worried they don't do a pregnancy blood test. Has anyone gotten a pregnancy test done at a walk-in-clinic?