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I am 30 years old. I have once 6 year old. My partner and I have has sex on Christmas and then again in March. My cycles are NEVER normal. But I have had cramping, nassia, headaches, back pain, peeing a lot, tired all the time, and smells are bothering me, and my breast are sore and lactated in shower last night. I've taken two home urine text and a urine text at hospital before my knee surgery on Friday. My breast are so sore and sensitive that having a bra or shirt on hurts. My dr said that since my urine test have all been negative that I should not worry too much. I'm afraid that I am pregnant and they wouldnt do a blood test...he said there was no need. With having surgery friday I'm scared that being sadated could have done something to the baby. what should I do?


Hi Scared,

By now, any pregnancy test should be accurate but, for the urine tests just don't seem to always work in all women.

If you weren't lactating I'd say that your symptoms aren't specific to pregnancy.  But lactation indicates that something may be going on.  It does not necessarily indicate pregnancy.  Your hormone levels may be "off" and the question is why.

Did you tell your doctor about this?  A blood test should be run to determine hormone levels to find out the cause.

Good luck.