I was on the iud copper coil for over 2 years and recently took it out october 27th. My period then started on November 8th which was very very heavy. It seemed like I was changing tampons every hour. As that seem to have ended on 14th or so I thought because my tampon was clean when I checked about 11pm after having it on for at least 4hours. 

It was a friend birthday party so I was out and was drinking that night. When I got home early morning on Sunday the 15th I was bleeding slightly but the spotting don't seem to want to end. I am still spotting now which means my period carried on for 9days. 


I am very confused as to what to think. When I was on the iud coil my bleeding was excessive and o had a lot of inbetween bleeds which was one of the reasons I took it out. Is there something wrong with me?