I have had my copper iud for 10 years and before having it removed i thought that i fractured my hip last year when i fell. In reality i bruised my hip point and didn't see a doctor due to lack of health insurance. I couldn't walk for almost 3 months because of hip pain. Later when i was thinking i was recovered from my hip injury, i walked four miles and collapsed and experienced the worst shooting burning pain flowing from my hip joint to my knee and down to my ankle and as the pain traveled down . And even worst after urination, so bad that it was unbearable and felt like someone was ripping my leg off. My first emergency visit showed no fracture in the hip area. My follow up visit at my new regular doctor is as eager to solve my problem as i am. He thinks i bruised my hip, probably right and gave me a steroid /cortizone shot in my hip joint ( AKA Bursa ) it relieved some of my hip problem but the main problem, my left leg is still disabling me. I went back for a doctor patient introduction appointment and i brought up my IUD and my doctor instantly removed it. I am 6 days without my IUD 50% better but maybe its copper poisoning effects and maybe nerve damage also from copper. I will update as i see my dr.