i've been noticing weird things lately, like unusual tiredness throughout the day, every day, really bad blurred vision, sometimes double vision, and didnt really decide to tell anybody or ask any questions until i wound up in the emergency room the other night, due to what the e.r. doc said was a "possible seizure". what happened was i layed down on the bed to rest for a few minutes, and next thing i know im being woken up by my mom 2 hours later. i was found in the floor with the whole right side of my face red and a big nice bump on my forehead, and under my eye swollen. i dont remember hitting the floor or anything after just laying there. for a while i was extremely confused and nauseated and had a really bad headache, kind of like a migrain. i threw up in the car on the way to the emergency room, too. its been 3 days later and my neck is still hurting and really stiff and the back of my head aches. similar things have happened before, actually, now that i look back. they always seem to happen when i am asleep or stressed out. the same thing happened when i was over at a friends house, i wound up in the floor and was nauseated with a headache and puked again. but i thought it was just a migrain. could these be seizures during my sleep?