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I had a seizure in my sleep a year ago and the doctors said I was serverly dehydrated, but I feel like I've had more in my sleep because I've woken up not knowing anything or remembering anything like how I felt after the seizure. And a few nights ago I had another one, I has a blood test and a cat scan and it was normal. I just want to know why. Ive been put on medication again but the side effects drive me insane! I just wanna know why it keeps happening :(


Medications can be your albatross. I was put on Lupron to control my bleeding about four years ago. I took it for about a year. I started having seizures since then even though am no longer on it. I am so scared now of having more medications for treatment as I do not know the side effects. Does anyone out there know the cure to seizures triggered by Lupron? Please help