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about a month and a week ago me and someone I was going out with got a little too touchy and he started rubbing his penis against my clit so there was actual skin to skin contact but there was no penetration just rubbing..that lasted for a few minutes like four or five then we stopped but i was wondering if i could have gotten pregnant because of this? even though he didn't cum or anything i heard that pre cum can get you pregnant too but im not even sure if he pre'd either. Am i just stressing out and worrying over nothing? i haven't gotten my period in like two weeks but i already have really irregular periods like my last period took 3 months to come so..also ive been having cramps and my breasts and nipples have been really sore the past few days but today they don't feel as sore also i have like white dryish discharge..does this just mean my period is coming?Thanks in advance :)

i dont really have any of the pregnancy symptoms either like i don't feel nauseous or need to pee a whole lot or feel tired..i just feel cramps and my boobs a little sensitive but that just may be because im about to get my period?..hopefully


I'm having a pre cum situation to and im worried about being h pregnant. But by the sounds of what you're saying I doubt you are old be pregnant mainly because the cum or pre cum has to be Inserted into the vagina and you're saying you were only rubbing. I don't think that you're pregnant but if you're that worried take a pregnancy test.