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I'm still a virgin, I know I am because yeah...or well sorta

Me & my boyfriend have been having SOMEWHAT sexual intercourse but he still hasn't "popped the cherry"

he's tried to but we want to wait until we get condoms..we haven't really used protection.

we tried with a plastic bag(his idea) but it would tear

He said he wouldn't release THAT in me but he would tell me to clean myself -.-

i would feel something tho...

anyways, lately I've been wanting to throw up but I just can't & I've also been wanting to eat a lot

but when i eat or when I;m about to eat, I feel sick and I stop or I don't do anything about it.

I was very worried until I got my period, however I got it a week earlier than I should've

and I never get it early, usually i should be worried if i don't get it or if I get it super late

I know there's some women that get their periods even though they're pregnant

and that's why they don't know if they're pregnant or not

I'm tempted to take a test however I only wanna take it if there's a bigger chance of being pregnant than not being pregnant that way i won't like make a fool of myself or just be worried for nothing. I need help

I've done so much research however I'm still not convinced.


Sperm can live in open air until the semen dries out killing the sperm. Pre-cum can contain active sperm in some men and even though its low levels of sperm it only takes one to get pregnant. If he ejaculates on your stomach or thigh and it drips down onto your vagina there is a possiblity of pregnancy. SO IF he was rubbing his penis against your vagina without a condom he could of rubbed pre-cum onto your vagina. Once the pre-cum was near your vagina it could of went into the opening and swam into your vagina up to your tubes causing pregnancy. There is no real way to wash out your vagina and get all the sperm out. Your body makes personal lubricant, which is the clear/white odorless discharge, and the sperm will swim into this lubricant protecting it from coming out right away. Sperm can live in water so even if you sat in a bath to try to clean them out it would not kill the sperm. You really need to use condoms if his penis is going to go anywhere near your vagina. Plastic bags are better than nothing but will break very easily. They do not have any kind of spermicidal lubricant (Its a special lubricant that will help kill sperm found in most condoms) so when it does break it will lead to a higher chance of pregnancy. The period you got a week early- Was it a normal period in length, color, odor, heaviness, etc?



Well my period is normally really heavy but this time it's light and I'm actually cramping right now but I only get cramps the first day I get my period. ahhh it hurts T-T


Wait for your normal period day to start and if its late more than a few days take a pregnancy test.


that's what I was waiting for
but I got my period a week early
like I might not be pregnant..but I just wanna make sure
I'm obviously new to this,