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I already posted this on someone's similar topic but I wanted to start a new topic of my own.

So the deal with my girl... almost two weeks ago, we tried putting the head of my penis (no condom because didn't have anymore) into her opening of her vagina and only 3/4 of the head of the penis went in and for no longer than 45 seconds. I do get "pre-cum"(the clear fluid that comes out) whenever we do sexual intercourse. On a side note, based on my science classes, that "pre-cum" may contain sperm due to previous ejaculation. But I remember at the time before I put 3/4 of the head in, I kept wiping the "pre-cum" off my penis with a towel before going in. However, I still constantly secretes that clear fluid and I know that based on experience. It made us worry that some few sperm may have got in to her vagina to the uterus at the time we did that.

So today, its been almost 2 weeks since we did that. 3 days ago she had experienced mild cramps, sore breast only when touched or poked, and she felt really tired. But today and yesterday she felt OK. According to her, she had already missed about a week of her menstrual cycle. However, this wasn't the first time and she always had irregular periods and they are usually late. But she is still worried that she might be pregnant and got me worried as well. So I asked her a few questions about symptoms and according to her she had no back pain. She just experienced one day mild cramps, sore breast only when touched, and felt really tired. When I ask her about her behavior recently, she said that she eats a lot, pee a lot, and no mood swings. To me, eating a lot is normal and peeing more often is may be due to her drinking more water since she brings water with her to campus (school started about 2 weeks ago as well).

Her answers may be true but they also may have been exaggerated as well. I know she is stressing and really paranoid about getting pregnant. I am worried about it too but I get extremely worried when she worries about it. But based on the facts i see, it is possible for her to be gotten pregnant but the chances are very very slim. But still, chances are chances. So I don't have any answer for myself but to wait and see. In fact, I'm going to do an hCG level test tomorrow but I'm not sure if it's still too early to test. But I've never worried so much like this before, so if anyone can help or provide more tips to me that would be really appreciated.


Hi anonimuz,

Your right it is possible for your girlfriend to be pregnant. The symptoms that you have described could be a number of things including pregnancy. %-) As your girlfriend has just started back to school this could have been the reason she has been feeling so tired. When I was pregnant with my son I had all the symptoms you described but as was planning my wedding put it down to stress. The only way you will be able to find out for sure is asking her to do a pregnancy test. There is pregnancy tests on the market now that can tell you as early as your first missed period so as her period is late this may be an option. !

You could be worrying over nothing so you are better putting your mind at ease sooner rather than later. ;-)

Hope it all works out well for you both. :-P



I'm not sure what to say.

You've chosen to engage in unprotected sex, not once, but at least twice.
You chose to insert the head of the penis un-protected into the vagina.
And now, pregnancy may have resulted.

yes, get a check.
She may very well be pregnant, no matter how long it lasted or how many times he wiped "with a towel".

You've decided to gamble.
Good luck.


Well thanks for the response but as I finally bought a pregnancy test and got home, she has told me that she just got her period started. So problem solved. :-D


A "period" does not always mean that your not pregnant. Its i possible to have bleeding and be pregnant.