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im 22 ive been having sinus problems since oct. my symptoms are bad heache pressure in head and nose area some pain in cheek on and off..occasional ear fullness and pressure and fullness feeling in neck...i was on several courses of different antibioitcs no already on xyzal,singulair and veramyst got a shot of medrol no relief from that i was doing sinus rinse regularly but i wound up with fluid in my ear cause of all the blockage it wasnt draining right into my other nostril it was making things worse i tried several different forms of irrigation,also have tried sudafed/claritin d,and mucinex

ive had allergy testing done..and i know what im allergic to..i didnt start allergy shots yet for several reasons 1 being that for them to start working could be another 6 months and like i said i felt very little relief went i went away to florida away from my allergerns..but i do plan on getting allergy shots after the surgery.2 i need to first talk to my cardiologist cause im on atenolol for frequent premature beats and i heard you not suppose to get allergy shots while on beta blockers.

so finally was sent for ct scan of sinuses,it reveal deviated septum which i already found out about months prior,pus in my left maxillary sinus,polyps in my nose and several in various sinuses,what i think she said was an air pocket in my frontal sinuses,and my turbinates are 4x larger then they should be.

so she recommended i have septoplasty,turbinate reduction,and endoscopic sinus surgery,i have alot of anxiety as is so that doesn't help matters..but this is my first operation so im scared about that then i go online to research things and the septoplasty and the sinus surgery seems to be your standard risks and stuff..but the turbinate reduction is what really got me worried cause of empty nose after getting worried i spoke to my ent and she said they don't ever completely remove the turbinates and she explained what they do but i forgot but im pretty sure after reading a bit its this one im having submucous resection

so im extremely paranoid about the surgery as is and most of all about the turbinate part i would like to hear from people that went through these surgeries if not all of them then one of them or any of them especially the turbinate and wound up with a positive outcome i really need to hear some positives cause ive been reading to many having the surgery april 9th

i do have to find out the exact turbinate surgery,and the exact follow up plan that i will find out this week...but i know my dr is very expeirence in sinus surgery..i will ask all the questions about the turbinate surgery and make sure the follow ups are more then less

but honestly other then any kind of surgery after what i just told you ive tried already what is there to really try i havnt been just sitting around for 6 months we have tried all these things with little to no relief


Goal of turbinate surgery is to produce normal turbinates from the abnormally large, obstructive pre operative situation. Many techniques can work well. Key is conservatism by the surgeon.

These empty nose chat rooms are scary. What is a nose surgeon to think after thousands of surgeries with NO ENS results, NO 'suicidal' patients? Consider how common the procedure is: If 100,000 turbinate procedures are done each year, it would be likely that among all those patients some with tendencies to clinical depression would be among the group.

ENS is a real problem. But so is quadraplegia after neck injury. In both cases, well adjusted people learn how to cope with their problem and enjoy life rather than letting the problem become their life.