6 weeks post hip replacement surgery and acute numbness in foot of operated side as well as a tight clamping feeling of calf . I had a fall 13 days after hip surgery in a care home . X Ray's were normal but I feel as if nerve damage somewhere . Is it normal to feel semi numb foot with clamping tight feeling of calf ? Also still requiring 1000 mg paracetamol every 5 hours due to post hip surgery pain Slight swelling still of lower leg foot toes Is this normal at 6 weeks to have to take revisit pain meds and oromorph at night 2.5 ml low dose and numbness ? Saw orthopaedic surgeon last week . He commented X-rays fine from fall but made no comment the fou numbness Just said exercise walk walk My gut feeling is ; rest my foot let it heal and only get up every hour to mobilise and do gentle exercises for now . Was on two crutches and Physio took me down to one crutch 3 weeks post op That is when I started having lower calf problems I believe uk Physios are far too aggressive in getting Nhs patients onto one stick . Surgeon and his team and Physio seem to be to talk unrealistic re my fall 13 days post surgery and seem to think I should exercise through all of this numbness and pain Any comments welcome !