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I was wondering where I could find studies done on people after they had the surgery for more than a year. I have been hearing so many stories about women under the age of 30 who have it done, and it wrecks their lives. Such things as forgetting who they are and who their family is, and turning into an addict of something other than food. Can anyone help me with finding some studdies like this?


This is still a big ???????? to medical field, short term Doctors will say yes it works. Long term they don't know..

Someone I know, her husband went about having this operation gastric band which by fair considered the best operation out of them all.. 8-10 months on he's now had 6 operations to help sort the first and trust me on this, he is a mere shadow of his former self. To put it bluntly, he looks like death in flabby skin" I feel sorry for him..

What I do know about the operation and lif after it, is you will be forever on multi vitamins and you are allow to eat normal, because if you do you will be sick, or could damage the the new stomach (well I should say the old stomach but small version)

I realise this post is old, but with hope you may see this, if you do pm me and I'll put you in contact with someone that had the operation 2 year ago and is still have issues..

All that said there is a better way... it is Diet/ Cardio & Resistance Training.