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I am overweight and my BMI is over 50. I read in various articles that one of the qualifications has to have been documented and failed attempts at losing weight. I have been overweight all of my life and I have not had the money to try all of these expensive weight loss programs. Will they deny me because I cannot document six months of physician weight loss?


Well, it may depend upon other factors. If you present them your financial situation, and you do match other factors, you may “pass the qualifications.” At least that is my opinion. I suppose that you are already aware of the other factors that you need to meet.

Ok, your BMI fits into the story but what about your health. Is it impaired due to obesity? Do you suffer from any obesity-caused diseases? I am not saying that it is not good that you’re not (because it is good) but in that case, you may not be a good gastric bypass candidate.
You are a candidate for gastric bypass if your weight and size interfere with your social life, work and family obligations.

You also need to learn all about the surgery and the risks it carries and you need to understand all the possible risks, you need to be ready for permanent life style changes and you need to have a positive attitude about all of this.

Why don’t you find a nutritionist at your clinic/hospital, the one that you don’t have to pay and whose work fits into your insurance policy. If you try working with this doctor and dieting doesn’t work, s/he may give you a documented paper for the surgery.

I understand that you may think it is easier just to undergo a surgery but these surgeries carry their risks and you really should try supervised dieting first. I know it is a hard and a long procedure but you need to give it a shot. Good luck!