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My son had the gastric bypass surgery in August of 2007 and has had a chronic problem with fatigue and pain since then. Is this a common problem? Thanks for any help you may provide.


Hello Teresa. How old is your son? And did you talk about this with your doctor? I mean after the surgery you probably went to the regular check up so what did your doctor said about the whole thing?

My cousin had gastric bypass and after that she was feeling a little bit sick and she was in big pain but after she has recovered no side effects whatsoever. And fatigue is never good sign so it would be wise to go to the same doctor again. And after that to visit another one and just hear second opinion.

Besides the fatigue is there any other sign which is pointing that something is wrong?

I hope that everything had passed by now and that your son is fine. You could tell us more about your experience. Thank you.