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I'm 19 and I'm at a lost, I haven't found a single thing on the internet relating to how I feel. Since I was a kid I suffered from frequent headaches but yesterday and today when I have gotten headaches it has been different. After I took motrin yesterday for my headache and the pain went away I got dizzy, tired and feeling disoriented but went away once I slept. Same thing happened today after I drank soda to relieve my headache, an hour later I felt the same dizziness, out of body feeling and tiredness. I don't know whats wrong and I don't know what to do. Please remember, the symptoms don't come until after the headache pain has gone away. Please help me!

p.s I don't know if it's related but my legs have been hurting today since my other symptoms


i just started feeling very similar but head ache is still the same legs dont hurt though i feel like my balance is off like im in a boat on the ocean and nauseous from it. its taking alot of focus to not miss spell things and wright this it has me a bit worried. im 18 and hate taking pain meds for anyhting unless i have too. i havent found anything related to this ether. have you turned up anything new?