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Hi, I am a 22 year old male and could use some help. For the past few months I've had a annoying case of anal itching(no sores present). I did some online reading and gently cleaning the area twice a day has pretty much eliminated the problem or at least made it unnoticeable. For the past few days though I v had a tense feeling in my forehead, in my temples/behind my eyes. It's almost like the feeling of about to get a headache but not really getting one. Its a dull feeling, more annoying than painful. Along with it I v noticed a twitch in my left eyelid that comes and goes. Also briefly a few weeks ago I noticed a mild rash on my chest which went away in a couple days. I have no idea if any of these symptoms are related to each other and I can't seem to find any thing online that these symptoms match up very closely to. Also note I am not sexually active. I plan on going to the doctor in next week or so but was hoping someone here could try and shed some light on the situation for me.



Have you had any dental work done? I have had many of the same symptoms you are talking about and have had them for about a year, later found out that it was cause by mercury poisoning bfrom my silver fillings (amalgam fillings) and my root canal being infected. If you look online, there is a tons of sites relating to those subject.