Hey I am so glad I have found this site! I have been suffering with strep and sore throats ect, all my life. Well 2 weeks ago I woke up with the worse throat pain in the middle of the night.SO at 8 am I went to my doctor who has a walkin clinic. I was diagnosed with Strep, I ran fever for 3 days stayed home from work till Friday, I went to work on Fri. Well, Fri and Sat passed nothing my husband and I went to Nashville for our "weekend" stayed the night. Well on the way home (we live 2hrs away) my throat started hurting I look at it and my right tonsil was so BIG. So I drink liquids took tylenol as the pain got worse I called my friend who works in the ER, I work in surgery at same hospital, she suggested I come on in, well...... I had developed a abcess on the right one. So I called my Dr. whom I am friends with, to get advice he admits me and I get morphine every 4 hrs the next day he comes to see me and says we are gonna have to get that right tonsil out today, Well I wanted both out but due to insurance, the right one could have be covered as an emergency, but the left side was elective and insurance would not pay, so I was released and my surgery was put on for Thur 3/12/09.
Well, since I work in surgery all my friends was going to be takin care of me, I had warned them I was gonna be a big baby because I had read all those horrible post, Well I wake up to my friends tellin me how bad they looked and how there was pus pockets behind the tonsils. Well I go to recovery I am in no pain just a little discomfort. Because of the pus pockets I am being admitted overnight, well I get to my room and I cant breath my throat is so swollen and I feel paniky because I am afraid my throat is swellin so bad it will cut off my air(of course I only know the true dangers of this surgery because I do work in surgery and I know exactly what happens and how the get those puppies out of there) My doc comes in the room orders steriods, I calm down go to sleep, but because I am so swollen he transfers me to a Step Down Unit, which is almost like ICU but not as one on one. I am given demerol, I sleep like a baby all day and all night. I knew enough to make sure to ask for my demerol every 4 hrs to keep it in my system. So I had just minor discomfort not real pain, So on Friday the day after my surgery I get to come home, I am taking antibiotic and liquid hydrocodine I drank water and water and gatorade and more water I sent my husband to get a humifier (which lookin back no way i could have done with out that)my mom comes to stay with me cuz he works at night, I keep pain meds down drink but I slept a little to long and woke up with the worse pain, and so there my day got worse I was in pain all day, not able to hardly drink move anything, I force myself to drink cuz I dont want to go back to hospital so I went to bed sat night and when I woke this morning I was expecting hell but nothing but a minor ache, so I am hopin i am about to turn the corner, maybe I am about to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course I could wake up in the morning totaly different. But I was able to drink today and eat a boiled egg, and later sum cream of chicken soup, so thanks to GOD and everyone praying for me I am feelin preety confident that I may will this battle. So I am fixin to take my pain meds and go to sleep! Goodnight all