Hi guys, I'm a 20 year old female from the UK and I had my tonsils removed on the 12th of june 2017, therefore I am on day 8 post op. I'm actually writing this at past midnight so have just hit day 9! (I don't include the day of the op in my recovery!) I just want to say to anyone reading these entries please do not be discouraged from doing what's best for YOU. Everyone experiences things differently. 

Right, where to start... I hadn't googled or really even researched the operation itself as I didn't want to upset myself or worry myself into not going through with it. I've had severe tonsillitis ever since I was about 5, i'd usually get it 5/6 times a year religiously! For the past year I got tonsillitis every single month, sometimes even twice a month! So me and my doctor finally decided removal was the way forward, I was thrilled! I was on antibiotics every month and there is a notion that over use of antibiotics can make you immune, what if i end up really needing them one day?! 

Anyway... I was admitted to the hospital at 7:30am, i'd had to get up at 5:45 and I arrived at 7:15 to be safe. I didn't end up going into surgery until 10:30! I was told at the pre-op i would be out of hospital and home before 12, well that didn't exactly go to plan! I woke up around 11:20, and, as expected, I balled my eyes out! Not because of the pain, but for some reason every time I have anaesthetic I wake up incredibly emotional, no idea why! Doctor must've thought I was so pathetic lol, so they wheeled me round to recovery where I continued to cry for a good 20 minutes lol.  I did have a painful throat when swallowing but I would not describe it as unbearable... just be prepared :) Also, just to mention I had incredible large tonsils but even I was shocked to see the huge gaps at the back of my throat!

Day 1-2: Marginally ok. Yes, painful when swallowing, getting medication down was a nightmare. Had 2 spoons of yoghurt before I left the hospital and that was it. In the YK we are told to eat as normal of a diet as possible, this includes "crunchy" or scary foods! As it helps to clear the gunk from the throats and actually enables it to heal faster. On day 2 I managed to eat one piece of toast, I won't lie it was a struggle but I did it! 

Day 3-4: All I can say is... PLEGH! My god, I have never experienced so much in my life, my whole throats was constantly coated in thick pleghm and snot I had to spit it out every 2 seconds. (Gross I know). Also, the pain! The pain in the mornings was slowly getting worse, I could hardly choke down my medication. I was only told to take ibupofren and paracetamol which wasn't doing much in terms of pain relief. The days seemed to be better. 

Day 5-6: I woke up on day 5 in the worst pain I've ever really experienced, couldn't swallow a thing, felt like I couldn't breathe. At this point I'd ditched the hope of eating any food and would eat small amounts of custard and drink PLENTY of water. I ended up going to the doctors the pain was so bad, where I was given cocodomal and also antibiotics! As I was told the pain was so severe as I had the beginnings of an infection... why didn't the hospital send me away with antibiotics?! On the morning of day 5 both sides of my tonsils started to bleed, it wasn't a huge amount just a trickle either side which stopped with cold water. As for the scabs, I think mine must've come off relatively early?! Seen many people on days 8/9/10/11/12 still with scabs on, but mine sort of slowly faded away by about day 6. No peeling or pulling off, the white just faded!

Day 7-8: Honestly guys... you get to a point where you think you will never get better and things don't change but I honestly believe I have hit the turning the point and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I now just have a sore throats when I swallow, but nothing like what it was through out the week, I am able to eat plain foods with no spice or much flavour lol, such as rice and plain chicken. Which is annoying as I bloody love spicy food! But hopefully in time this will heal. I do however feel as though I'm still not swallowing liquids right, it doesn't go down smoothly it sort of gulps down? Hard to explain... my lips have also heeled where they were cut by the clamp the doctors used on my mouth, I came out of surgery with a big hard ball and cut lips in my bottom lip, my bottom lip still feels slightly numb! But overall, I feel so much better in myself. I was confined to my room not being able to do much, but the past couple of days I've been out and about! :) 


I just want to say that although I do think I've been lucky in the sense that I have not experienced any ear pain or anything like that, that a lot of people seem to struggle with, I think people that write "do not have this operation done, ever" are silly and are just scaring people for no reason! Guys, you know what you think is best for you and your body, I, personally, was fed up with constantly being ill. I would rather 2/3/4 weeks of this than having to deal with severe tonsillitis every month sometimes even twice a month! I can only hope things will get better and better for me, I can't wait for the day when i can swallow comfortably and eat whatever I like! Just be patient guys. It's your choice! :) 


Hope this helps some of you going through it, I won't lie this operation is a big deal and it can feel at times like you wish you'd never bothered, but it WILL and DOES get better! Hang in there. You can do this!