This site has been a great source of info for me as I neared my surgery to have my tonsils out. I am now 2 days Post Op (or is it considered 1 day - I had them out yesterday morning)....anyway, for those interested, I thought I would share my journey so far and I wouldlove to hear others experiences too!

I stopped eating and drinking about 6pm on Tuesday in preparation for the 9.30am surgery on Wednesday morning. I was told to at the hospital by 7.30am so they could get me prepped and hooked up to an IV to hydrate me. During this time I had to undress and get into the butt-exposing gown, and answer a lot of questions regarding my overall health and so on. Once the IV was in, I was left to rest. The surgeon came by to say hi and see how I was, as did the Anasthesiologist and also the OR Nurse. They were all super lovely, so I felt reassured I was in good hands.

Finally I was wheeled down to the OR, said goodbye to my husband, and in we went. The room is very cold and stark and white. It feels quite surreal, especially as you are seeing it from a laying down position. They gave me a quick blast of O2 in a mask to relax me, and also a dose of Valium. I felt very woosey by that point! When the anathesia went in to my hand it burnt and stung quite a lot, but I went out like a light so it was a very temporary discomfort.

The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery and struggling with the nurses, trying to rip out my IV. Hahahaha!! After I came round a bit they askd what my pain scale was and I was about a 5, so they gave me some morphine via the IV and I zonked out for about an hour. WHen I came round I was in "Phase II" recovery which is where you go when you are stable and prepping to leave. I had another dose of morphine to ease the pain, slept about another hour and before I knew it I was being wheeled out and sent home!

I am only on day 2 now, and from what I have read the worst is yet to come. But here is what I have done so far which seems to have really helped. First of all, God bless Sonic drive-through. If you are lucky enough to have one of these near you - make it your first stop on the way home. I got 2 large diet-cokes and 2 large waters, plus a bag of their ice. Their ice is like little pips of ice, and soft and chewable. I am half way through a 10lb bag already! It is agony to swollow, there is no getting around that fact, but if you sip fluid constantly, it will really, really help your recovery. And I mean **constantly** and also chew on the ice as mentioned above. Not only does it aid recovery and keep the scabs moist, but the cold eases the pain. However, I have read some posts where people hate the cold and need warmth, so I guess it is personal preference. I was also given a cold ice pack at the hospital, and I have used it constantly. It is a great comfort to wrap around your throat to numb the swelling and pain.

Rest, sleep, and do not miss a dose of pain meds. I even set my alarm thru the night to take them, and woek constantly to sip on water. Yes, it is exhausting, but since you will - or should be - resting in the day you should be able to get some missed sleep back then.

Night is worse because your mouth gets dry, even with the alarm routine, but if you can force yourself to swollow fluid it really helps. I did not eat until this evening, which is 2 days without food. It hurt like crazy to swollow, but I forced some tuna, pasta and soft cereal down and I felt a lot more perky after that. I am sucking throat sweets also.

Basically it is very painful but manageable with the above care. However, like I said, I suspact the worst is to come as I hear day 4-6 is horrible so I will post again if and when that happens.

My throat looks disgusting, by the way - completely white scabby stuff with black blotchy bits, it's like something from a horror movie. It is really grim!! But, I am told, perfectly normal. Keeping this area moist and hydrated is a real help toward preventing a major bleed, whchi s really the thing to be worried about. FIngers crossed the next few days goes OK. I am nervous after reading some of the posts and my heart goes out to you because this is just awful, I can;t imagine it getting even worse! :'(