I had my Tonsillectomy almost 7 weeks ago and very glad to see the back of it. Initially the Consultant that saw me said it would hurt. I took her seriously. If a  Consultant says it hurts, then it hurts.

Days 1-6 pain got gradually worse through and day 6 night time was bad. Eating warm food trying to keep to mealtimes, soups, eggs etc etc. Also drinking warm drinks

Day 7 turned a corner and felt pain getting better

days 9/10, weaning myself off the codeine and and taking less paracetamol.

Day 11 walked into town and back again but this was the friday before I was supposed to go back to work.I was getting better but still wondering how I was going to get back to work on the monday.

Sat  - big bleed in the middle of the night. I lost getting on for half a pint of blood. Went off to  A &E in the morning and they admitted me and had two more bleeds. They all stopped of their own accord so no surgery or blood transfusion. Doc advised  cold food and cold showers otherwise the bleeding could come back.

Got through that week then the next friday evening the blood came out again. I first noticed it in my spit. Something didn't taste right. It wasn't nearly as much as  before but still went to the hospital. This time I was dealt with a lot quicker and got admitted overnight again and discharged the next morning still with orders of cold food and cold showers. Off work another week. Very scared to go to sleep again after this experience and the first night back in my own bed woke in the middle of the night to find I had had the night sweats and had to change.

So after 4 weeks of being absent made it back to work. Really didn't feel great the first morning and  quite sickie between the tube station and the office but it passed and got on with it. 

Just had my follow up appointment this week. All A OK but Doc advised to drink more water and leave off the tea and  coffee (I am taking that to mean alcohol as well) so back to no coffee again, well OK one cup. I got the Tonsils removed as an abscess had grown after a number of low-grade sore throats and got the all clear from Cancer and everything else associated.

Something I would say is give up tea and coffee from the time you have the operation and only go back to it once you have the follow up/after the 2 weeks has passed. It drys up the mouth and you have to drink enough fluids, which hurts to compensate for drinking the caffeine. I am also still off the Orange Juice, spicy and most crunchy foods.

I did not get along with Ice Cream. It made me cough and this was what I ate before the first bleed. 

I also got thrush (both ends) from the antibiotics so am just finishing treatment for that fingers crossed and still have the funny nasal voice which looks like it will heal up but is only about 70% there.  There is no singing voice left at all and that will be longer so I'm not even trying. There was something hard (scarring from the tube) inside my throat as well but that is mostly gone now but only in the last few days. 

I would recommend getting as much leave as you dare. Some people might find two weeks is Ok, but even after four weeks with the complications I had I struggled, screwed up a couple of times and struggled to concentrate so could have done with more time. Almost 7 weeks later I am walking for exercise and some doing floor exercises like the plank, squats and crunches and just contemplating when to go out for the first jog. I have lost weight and want to keep it like that but it's going back on already.

That said apart from getting a cold last week I am nearly there.