I'm day 6 after having a tonsillectomy. .I had mine out because of a growth on my left tonsil I had never suffered tonsillitis ..I had read up on recovery some horror stories and some not so bad my experience is not great but not all bad either... I went in on the Thursday for 8 am and went down at 11.30 am for my procedure when I woke up the pain in my tongue was really bad one of the worst pains I have ever experienced my throat was fine though I didn't get back to the ward until 3 pm as they were trying to control the pain which the fantastic recovery nurse I had managed to eventually do I was discharged on the Friday which was a double bank Holiday weekend with a spray and antibiotics was told to buy paracetamol and Ibuprofen which I can't take because Ibuprofen gives me really bad stomach cramps... .luckily I had Naproxen and Zantac at home because paracetamol alone would not of kept the pain at a manageable level ..Day 1 to 3 wasn't too bad at all it was just like a severe sore throat but with regular painkillers was manageable and I slept loads because I felt wiped out but I managed to eat quite well toast and apple pie included I'd learnt to stay away from citrus drinks they stung like mad but thought actually this isn't half as bad as I thought it would be... but day 4 and 5 was absolutely awful I felt ill and the burning pain in my throat and my tongue was unbearable and I failed to eat very much just drank gallons of water and slept as and when I needed it which I think helped me get through it.. I'm on day 6 I feel much better today but my throat remains sore and feels gritty but manageable ...I have managed to eat a bowl of weetabix and am able to drink water without too much pain I'm hoping the worst of the pain is over ..my advice if you are going to have the procedure stock up on pain killers rest as much as you can, eat when you can and drink plenty of water ..I don't think I have ever drank as much water as I have these last 6 days but my skin is glowing..I'm an avid coffee drinker but have failed to drink any since my operation ..stock up on soups and soft bread eat as much hard food as you can first 3 days as your throat will get more painful as the days go on ..I have found mashed potato sticks to the back of my throat so have avoided that since ..everyone is different and have different pain thresholds but for me after having 2 children a hysterectomy a laparotomy and other procedures I'm really sorry to say this has most definitely been the worst operation I have had but it is short lived and they say after 10 days it improves greatly...I'm keeping my fingers crossed it does anyway.. Good luck to anyone having a tonsillectomy xx