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It's night and I am frightened. My heart seems to pound in a strange way :(

I am 26 years old, male, 175m and 87kg - a bit out of shape and slightly overweight.

The main thing about me is that my fitness fluctuated in different periods of my life:- I used to do regular physical activity (twice a week sports) until age 13.- Then, I got a computer, and completely stopped any regular physical activity and got overweight.- But when I was age 17 I became more appearance-conscious and started eating a healthy diet and doing sports at least once a week. I was in shape again.- Then, I started college and had no time to think about fitness. I was overweight again between age 20-23.- At age 23, I became health-conscious and within just 6 months I had the best shape I ever achieved, eating properly, climbing stairs in the night and also doing daily long-distance walks.- But then I started my full-time career at age 24. And work was the biggest blow to my time management as I found no time for physical activity during weekdays.I now do long-distance walks/hikes and speed-walking but only 2-3 times a month, during weekends. I gradually became overweight again and that's where I am now. About 3 months ago, I started rock climbing and I started doing that during weekends instead of walking. I stopped the walking and started rock climbing once a week, but I soon realized that rock climbing didn't help me loose weight and get in shape.

2 days ago, on Saturday, I decided that I would try to mix the different workouts so I could lose weight faster during the weekends!

I am NOT 100% sure, but I think walking/hiking is more of an "aerobic exercise", while rock climbing involves using force with all muscles and so it's "anaerobic". When I climb stairs, I go up and down 5 floors, and each time I do a different speeds and number of steps, so that I do what's called "interval training "(exercise consisting of low intensity and then short bursts

Here is exactly what happened.

On Saturday:At midnight, after dinner, I started doing the staircase "interval training" - up and down the stairs for one hour. I felt fantastic after that, and slept peacefully.

On Sunday:From 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM I speed-walked to the climbing gym (aerobic).From 10:45 AM to 2:00 PM I was climbing (anaerobic).Then, from 11:00 PM to midnight I did the stairs training again (interval training).

I went to bed at about half past midnight. And 1:00 AM, I started noticing that my heart is pounding really hard...

A quick search on the internet and the symptoms correspond to what people call "athlete's heart". The only thing that worries me is that this is thee first time since years that I worked out so much and in three different ways on the same day - so this may have never been studied by doctors/researchers.

I am now in a state of half-panic and half-panic.

Please could you help me find an answer? Should I contact emergency?Or is this harmless?


Thank you very much


Please please please please help me.