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I am a 20 year old active girl and I absolutely LOVE snowboarding (its definitely the sweetest sport I tried in a long time)
I just picked it up last year and am getting into it, but find it difficult to control muscles for that long. (Im a really active person and workout (at the gym) a 5 times a week (unless im sick or injured) and do some fun athletic activity on weekends like recreational biking, swimming and (recently) indoor rock climbing (its too cold for outdoor here!)

Does anyone know any good exercises that will give me better muscular control, so i can keep doing it for longer without getting tired? (its mostly my inner thighs that get too tired - im pretty good for core strenght)

Please tell me - it would make my winter amaaazing!


Beside weight training your lower body, you may want to spend some time stretching your body in between exercises. Strengthening your upper body with weights will also help with your balance. Massage therapy can help reduce muscle tension and help you recover faster from your tireness.