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Can someone please explain what is Anaerobic workout? I heard about aerobic workouts but the term anaerobic workouts is a new to me. I am trying to get in shape, lose a little bit of weight and reduce my body fat. Also, i need to build my muscles a little bit, define them, so to speak. 

I am 34 years old, female, 9 pounds overweight. Which is better for me aerobic workouts or anaerobic workouts? Or maybe both? What is the difference between aerobic and anareobic workout plans?


We all heard about the aerobic workouts. They mostly consist of running, swimming...etc. During those exercises we breathe normally, and oxygen is circling through our body delivering it to muscles. When the muscle runs out of oxygen we start to experience the fatigue and weakness. 

Now, with anaerobic exercise the goal is to make muscles function without the oxygen. An example of anaerobic exercise would be sprinting of lifting weight explosively. These exercises help build lean muscle mass and weight loss.

However, you can't really just choose  one and go with it. One complements the other. What you need to do is constantly switch from one to the other. For instance if you are running than you might wanna do sprints from time to time. 



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That's an excelent answer, K :) 

It is true that one complements another. 

Indiviuals with accent on anaerobic exercise are sprinters - bigger musculature, while long distance runners are usually "skinny" - their muscles aren't big - in their training accent is on aerobic exercise. 

Basically almost every sport has some parts of anaerobic or aerobic exercise - anaerobic would be short, high power sprints (about 30 seconds), or swimming sprints, or skating sprints - accent is on getting your heart rate up, and accelerate breathing; while an example of aerobic exercise would be a steady flow of low endurance exercise, about 30 minutes of easy jogging.


Enaerobic exercise is also called HIIT - high intensity training. Basically, an enaerobic training goes like this. Treadmill or running out side, of bycicle, or swimming, or skating .. whatever. First step would be warm up - at least 5-10 minutes easy jogging, or very fast walking - you need to warm your body/muslces first. OK, next step - aerobic exercise:

1 cycle is: 

25-30 seconds sprinting (either sprint running, swimming, cycling...) - get your heart rate and breathing up.   

1-2 minute walking or very slow jogging (If you are a beginner - I recommend walking - get your breathing back to normal.

 Repeat that cycle from 3 -10 times.      

For a beginner 3 cycles are perfeclty fine! You will slowly get to 10 cycles - in a few months! 

However, if you are a complete beginner you will want to start with aerobic exercise - since this form is a bit easier and you need to get your body used to moving, increasing heart rate and faster breathing...  

So, for the first 2-4 weeks: 3-4 times a week: 30 minutes of easy jogging: 3 minutes jogging, 3 minutes fast walking, 3 minutes easy jogging, 3 minutes fast walking ...

And then slowly start to include anaerobic exercise...


This is an example of a HIIT on our YouTube channel:

Please let me know if  you have any other questions!