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can you get pregnat during menopause


Well, if you haven’t had your period in at least a year, you can’t get pregnant because you are not ovulation any more and cannot conceive naturally because you are not producing any more eggs that need to be fertilized in order to get pregnant.

If you have been having irregular periods for the last few months, or haven’t had your period in just a few months (less than a year), then you may still be ovulating and have chances of getting pregnant.

If you don’t have periods anymore and you would still like to become pregnant, you can undergo In Vitro fertilization treatment in which you will receive an egg from a donor that will be fertilized by your husband’s sperm in a lab. You would have to take estrogen hormone to create uterus lining where the egg would implant and if you get pregnant, you would need to take estrogen and progesterone for the first three months.

If you would like to get pregnant, you should visit a fertility clinic.