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Hi at the end of march i had a molar pregnancy.i had the op 12hours later, i have had some bloods done and am now having screening till the end of september.
my gyno told me i should be fine to try again now as my hcg level is now at 2.75 wich reads as not pregnant, i then spoke to the specialsts at sheffield and they said they only recomend i wait 6months, i have decided to wait till after i have a couple more tests done to make sure everything is staying how it should but my mind is everywere as i dont no what i should do as 3 people have told me different things,2 say i can now try if i want to but they will check the baby at 6 weeks and 12, and 1 recomends i wait, but i dont want to wait.
can i have a heathly full pregnancy if i decide not to wait till september? :? :?: :?: :?:


Hi i went though my molar pregnancy in november everything went ok i went back to the doctors January 24 he told me my levels was good n i just found out that i was pregnant im a lil scared but i have faith