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Hi, i have a long story to tell. I had a miscarriage in september last year (horrible). Went to hospital with bleeding and doctor said i miscarried, but to still go for my prebooked scan to make sure. Went there told her what had happened and she didnt another pregnancy test and it was faint positive. They never scanned me just took my bloods and said baby was going away, and noo need for more bloods. (But my hormone level never reached a low point)

And now went to doctors about 6 weeks ago with constant back pains, doctor giving me tests of PCOS. But since miscarriage, belly gotten bigger, putting on more weight, spotting during periods instead of actual bleed, excessive discharge and abdominal cramping. but having negative blood and urine tests. Do you think i have been pregnant all along and the doctors have missed it.


i have had negative blood tests too