My story goes...On October 21, 2012 I had sex for the first time in seven months...I found out on November 14th I was pregnant...I had a tubal ligation back in November 2006...So yes I'm shocked...My first blood test showed my hgc levels to be 1800, the e.r. doctor said not to be alarmed by it being ectopic bcuz my levels were high...6 days later, I went to my my doctor's office and had more blood work and an u/s...My doctors couldn't find anything in not even a sac in my uterus or prove that it was ectopic...Them, going by my last menstrual which was Oct. 6, 2012 and my hcg level...They still insisted I was 5 or more weeks pregnant and I wasn't! On that evening doc called me saying my hcg levels double to 3600 but by it being 6 days later that it actually should've tripled...That Monday after, they schedule me for another blood work to be done, and another u/s...When I went back on tuesday last week...they said my levels were going up, but not at a rate it should be at 7 weeks...ONCE AGAIN I WASN'T 7 WEEKS, AND BEARLY 4.5-5 WEEKS...ANOTHER U/S THAT DAY, AGAIN SHOULD NO SIGNED OF PREGNANCY!!! MY DOCTOR JUST RULED IT OUT AS AND ABNORMAL/ECTOPIC PREGNANCY...SO I STILL HAD 1 MORE U/S SCHEDULED FOR THURSDAY NOVEMBER 29, 2012...AND ONCE AGAIN IT SHOWED NO SIGNS OF PREGNANCY NOWHERE. I THEN GET A CALL THAT EVENING FROM ONE OF THEIR MIDWIVES STATING FOR ME TO GET THE LABOR AND DELIVERY RIGHT AWAY BCUZ THEY FOUND SOMETHING IN MY UTERUS THAT WAS ABNORMAL...I OPTED TO WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT DAY. WHEN I FINALLY WENT, THE NEWS WAS DEVASTATING...THEY SUSPECTED AND MOLAR PREGNANCY...SO I OPTED TO GO ALONG WITH THE D&C ONLY TO FIND OUT TODAY THAT THEY FOUND NO EVIDENCE OF PREGNANCY IN MY UTERUS FROM WHAT THE SCRAPED OUT OF KY UTERUS!!! I'M AT MY WITTS END AND VERY STRESSED ABOUT THIS...WHAT THE HELL TYPE OF PREGNANCY IS THIS...ECTOPIC???? I DONT KNOW WITH TO DO OR THINK ANYMORE!!!! I NEED ANSWERS...SOLID ANSWERS!!!