Hey!! My names Desmonique. I am 20 almost 21. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter named Angel and a Husband named Michael.
I recently suffered from a miscarriage (low rising HCG levels, healthy heartbeat at 5w6d and NO FETAL HEARTBEAT at 7 weeks. Started miscarrying a couple days later).. This was 3 months ago.
I am NOW PREGNANT again after trying very hard!! I waiting until after my first regular period to start trying again and we got pregnant later that month.
I went to the hospital at 4 weeks 2 days LMP for VERY bad and CONSISTENT cramping on my sides and middle abdomen. It hurts mostly when I TURN or twist. We did HCG check and my levels were high and perfect for 4 weeks. They were 505 at 4 weeks 2 days. We did an ultrasound and saw absolutely nothing!! I wasnt surprised by that at all. But then they told me to return in a couple of days and re-check my HCG levels since my last pregnancy was a miscarriage.. I didnt have any expectations of them rising. They also diagnosed me with BV (Bacterial vagnosis).
Well, we went in 3 days later and typically my levels would be around 1500 if they were doubling as a normal pregnancy would. Well, we checked and at 5 weeks exactly (3 days later) they went from * HCG 505 to nearly 4,000!!! * What the heck??? We did another Ultrasound and we saw what looked to be a SAC.. it was empty, but still it was diagnosed "implantation". So we saw our "baby's home" looking very normal. It ruled out multiples (still might be identical tho?). We also discovered that my Right tube has a LOT of fluid in it! and my ovaries are swollen. So... I have lots of fluid in my right fallopiean tube which wasnt there 3 days ago. We checked inbetween my liver and kidneys because sometimes the fluid rises up inbetween them if u have an ectopic.
I am very confused about the fluid swelling up my tube and ovaries! And the crazy insane HCG LEVELS?
Im very concerned! We dont have a ultrasound until the 28th of this month (in a week). i will be 7 weeks during this next ultrasound since LMP. The ultrasound tech said it doesnt even look like a molar pregnancy and that shes only seen 1 in her whole life of working and that was in SCHOOL.
If I had a molar pregnancy would they have seen it in my first 2 ultrasounds at 4 and 5 weeks? We saw an empty sac.. thats it. Do my levels look like a molar pregnancy or multiples? Have u ever had fluid in your tubes? BV while pregnant? Im so scared and confused! Please help!!!! o.O %-) :'(
PS- I have the worst morning sickness EVER!!!